Orbits (Lupus) Wheel walk-through, completed in 2:04.6

This is the same strategy as in a previous post on Wheel. The previous post covers the possible variations and what you should do in each case. If you refer back to the previous post, this video is variation #2.



  1. From 0:00 to 0:08, send your units to capture the double planet just approaching the purple enclave.
  2. From 0:09 to 0:16, as soon as your planet on the wheel passes the bottom planet in the purple enclave, send units from your initial planet to the single planet just approaching the purple enclave. Then immediately send units from your wheel planet to attack the top planet in the orange enclave. If orange does anything other than send more units out onto the wheel, then start over.
  3. From 0:17 to 0:23, capture the double planet just approaching the purple enclave.
  4. From 0:24 to 0:36, capture the single planet just in front of orange. When you get the chance, send units from your initial planet down into the wheel so they can be used in capturing the single planet.
  5. From 0:37 to 0:41, keep sending units to the newly captured single planet. You are trying to discourage purple from attacking that planet.
  6. From 0:42 to 0:47, when purple attacks orange, double your planet just passing the green enclave.
  7. From 0:48 to 0:49, normally you would already have started promoting your double planet that just passed the orange enclave, but in this case green has quite a few excess units on its wheel planets. Any move you make with your initial planet or the un-promoted double planet will prompt an attack from green. You need to wait until green uses those units for another purpose. In the meantime, start sending units to capture the unoccupied single planet on the wheel.
  8. From 0:50 to 0:56, as soon as green moves to promote its double planet, use units from your initial planet to promote your double. While doing this continue sending units to the unoccupied single planet.
  9. From 0:57 to 1:12, build up your units and wait for purple to empty the units from the bottom planet in its enclave. When that happens use your mass of units to attack that bottom planet. You want purple to send reinforcements there. It doesn’t work, so send these units to your front wheel planet, then use the units from your back wheel planet to attack the same bottom planet. As soon as purple sends reinforcements, remove your attack.
  10. From 1:13 to 1:25, as soon as purple uses the units on its bottom planet to attack the green planet on the wheel, destroy all of the planets in the purple enclave. Notice that at 1:22 I start attacking the green planet on the wheel. This is to get green to send reinforcements.
  11. From 1:26 to 1:44, destroy all of the planets in the green enclave. While doing this, send a small mass of units to the top of the wheel that you can use to prevent an opponent from capturing an additional planet, or you can destroy any weakened stragglers that make it past the orange enclave.

From here you just need to destroy the remaining orange planets as quickly as possible.

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Orbits (Lupus) Wheel walk-through, completed in 2:15.3

Original Approach

The first approach I developed was capturing three planets in a row, as you can see in the video below, capturing these planets isn’t a problem, the problem arises when they come around to the orange station. If the orange station has captured all of its planets, and promoted its double planet, then they will attack my three planets and prevent me from building up enough forces to get a good time, or from winning altogether.

New Approach

After playing my old way for quite a while, I noticed that my best times where when orange would capture two planets on the wheel, then when my three planets came around to its station, it wasn’t ready to attack. The problem was that orange wouldn’t do this very often. I needed a new approach that encouraged orange to do what I wanted. My new approach does just that, it encourages orange to make its initial two captures on the wheel.

There are two variations on this new approach, the first is when purple captures its lower singleton planet. In the video below you can see that after capturing the first planet, use the units generated by that planet to attack the orange top-rear planet, this is to prevent orange from using the two planets that it will have at that time from capturing that top-rear planet. Ideally, what you want to happen is for orange to capture a second planet on the wheel.


The second variation is when purple’s initial capture is the singleton above it. If you use the same approach as in variation #1 above, then purple will quite often use those two planets to capture the singleton on the wheel between your two planets. In the video below you can see that when this happens you should send units from your initial planet to this singleton prior to attacking the orange top rear singleton. Then when the singleton on the wheel gets even with the purple front planet, you redirect the units attacking the singleton on the wheel to the double that is just coming into range of the two purple planets. You can see this in the video below.


Bringing it all together

Once you can coerce orange into capturing two planets on the wheel (or in promoting its double on the wheel), then you need a strategy for which planets to capture and a method to use for destroying your opponents. My strategy is presented in the video below.



  1. From 0:00 to 0:24, here I used variation #2 shown above to coerce orange to capture two planets on the wheel.
  2. From 0:25 to 0:39, next you need to capture the singleton between you and orange. Keep sending units from both of your wheel planets even after capturing the singleton. This is to discourage purple from attacking you.
  3. From 0:40 to 0:52, here I’m trying to promote both doubles, but I mistakenly send the units from the stationary singleton into the singleton on the wheel instead of the double. Sometimes my best approaches are mistakes, as I now try to do this whenever it is an option. Quite often at this point green has already captured that singleton. If that is the case, you don’t have to have that planet for this approach to work. I have many times below 2:20 where I didn’t capture this singleton.
  4. From 0:53 to 0:57, next you need to capture the singleton between your two doubles. After this capture I went into attack mode, I probably should have promoted my other double on the wheel, but this was the first time I had captured the wheel planets in this way.
  5. From 0:58 to 1:20, time to wipe out purple. You’ll notice that I don’t attack purple immediately, instead I’m just sending the units in that direction. I’m trying to give purple every chance to attack the green planet on the wheel.
  6. From 1:21 to 1:42, time to take out green. I used to capture some of the planets I destroyed on the purple and green stations. But, when green and orange are fairly balanced it is best to just destroy the purple and green planets. You’ll notice at 1:31 I attack the green double on the wheel that has been weakened by orange. This is just a target of opportunity. I only go after a planet like this if its been weakened.
  7. From 1:43 to 2:06, now it’s time for orange. Even though I’m attacking orange I notice that green is trying to capture another planet, so I send some units there to prevent that capture.

It isn’t typical to get done destroying orange and only have one planet remaining on the wheel. But you sure can get a better time when that is the case.

There are quite a few situations where I just give up. The situations where I do are presented below.

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