Walls (Cetus) Gates walk-through, completed in 1:09.0

There are two keys to the strategy used on Gates. Attacking through walls to affect an opponent and setting up a blockade to force your opponents to attack each other.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:05, send all of your units to the singleton within the enclosure containing both of your opponents. You are trying to force one of your opponents to promote to double.
  2. From 0:05 to 0:11, as soon as an opponent (green in this video) promotes to double, send your units to capture the double planet just outside the enclosure on the side of the opponent that did not promote to double.
  3. From 0:12 to 0:17, now that orange has captured the center planet, you want to attack the top orange planet through the wall. As soon as orange reacts to your attack by moving its units into a defensive position, release your attack.
  4. From 0:18 to 0:25, send your units to capture the double planet in front of green. This will complete your blockade.
  5. From 0:26 to 0:38, there are times when the center singleton gets completely destroyed, when that happens I attack it to keep either opponent from capturing it. I’m rethinking that after the way this one turned out.
  6. From 0:39 to 0:44, you need to be ready for when the walls change. As soon as they do you want to pin green to prevent it from attacking the center singleton until the situation is right.
  7. From 0:45 to 0:48, you want to allow orange to double its planet. I’m using attacks through the wall to encourage it to do so.
  8. From 0:49 to 0:53, when orange doubles up, release the pin on the green double so it can attack the center singleton. Then pin the orange double to prevent it from defending the singleton.
  9. From 0:53 to 0:54, release the pin on orange when it looks like green has sent enough units to destroy the singleton.
  10. From 0:55 to 1:02, pin both the green and orange doubles to prevent them from capturing the center singleton, and to be ready to attack when the wall comes down.

From here all you need to do is destroy both double planets when the walls come down.

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