I play Auralux Constellations on both IOS and Android as FuzzyBuckeye.  Where did I get FuzzyBuckeye?  Well, I grew up in Ohio, and I now live in Georgia.  You could say that this buckeye now has some peach fuzz.

To me Auralux is a puzzle where I’m trying to find the solution that gives the fastest time. I have always enjoyed puzzles.  This will date me somewhat, but I received Rubiks Cube as a Christmas present in the early 80’s.  There was no way to get any help solving it.  It took me 9 days, but I finally solved it and eventually was able to solve it in just less that 5 minutes.  If you gave me one now, I wouldn’t have any idea how to solve it.

You’ll notice in the videos that I play as yellow.  I didn’t like the blue, so I had to change.  All videos are made on android using Game Screen Recorder.

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