Shockwaves (Taurus) Reboot walk-through, completed in 1:42.9

This is a modification of the strategy used in a previous post on Reboot. The biggest change is that now units are staged so purple will be easier to take out. Additionally there a several small changes in the beginning that are designed to get the center planet promoted to a double quicker than previously.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:03, send your units to the right. When these units reach the point where the center double planet is between your units and the planet in front of the purple double, use that mass of units to attack the planet in front of purple.
  2. From 0:04 to 0:08, start sending units from your initial planet towards the top left of the screen. When your mass of units are just about on top of the top center double planet, capture that planet with those units.
  3. From 0:09 to 0:13, absorb any excess units into your newly captured planet to partially promote it. Do this until the top of the shockwave just reaches the bottom of your newly captured planet.
  4. From 0:14 to 0:14, in order to prevent purple from capturing the single planet just above it, attack that single planet in front of purple with your mass of units.
  5. From 0:15 to 0:17, send excess units from your center planet up and away from the shockwave.
  6. From 0:18 to 0:28, wait until the mass of units is near your single planet, then use the excess units you were getting from your top center planet and units from your original planet and capture the single planet in front of your original planet. If, at this point, purple has captured or partially captured its single planet, start over.
  7. From 0:29 to 0:33, send units from the single planet you just captured to your initial planet. Get all the units you can until the shock wave passes the single planet.
  8. From 0:34 to 0:40, send units from your single planet to help in promoting your center planet to a double planet.
  9. From 0:41 to 0:42, send units from your single planet and your double planet to attack the orange single planet. Without something to discourage orange, it is more likely to attack the bottom center planet than green.  This attack on orange makes it more likely that green will attack that planet, which is what you want.
  10. From 0:43 to 0:51, promote your initial planet to a double.
  11. From 0:52 to 1:08, gather your units for the attack on green, then when green moves to capture the bottom center planet, destroy the green double. Then destroy the green single planet. If green is successful in capturing the bottom center planet, start over.
  12. From 1:09 to 1:16, send the units left over from destroying green and new units from your top left double and single planets to a point near the bottom of the screen. You are staging these units so they can be used against purple in the end game.
  13. From 1:17 to 1:32, send units from all three of your planets to a point near the two orange planets. Previously, my best times have come when orange sends its mass of units to try to capture the bottom single planet that is partially captured by green. If orange does this at the correct time so that as soon as its units reach the planet it withdraws them, it will then send that giant mass of units to attack purple. What happens here has the same effect. However, I almost quit when orange attacked my double planet. Fortunately, I didn’t.
  14. From 1:33 to 1:36, when orange sends units from its double planet to its single planet, attack and destroy the double planet. If it looks like orange has sent enough units to destroy the purple single planet, then attack the purple double. If the purple single planet will survive the orange onslaught, you have to move your units there and destroy the single purple planet first. In this video it seemed that orange would destroy the single planet, so I attacked the purple double.
  15. From 1:37 to 1:42,  as soon as the orange double planet is destroyed, use those units to attack and destroy the orange single planet.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2.  Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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