Walls (Cetus) Treaty walk-through, completed in 1:45.0

This is a modification to the strategy used in a previous post on Treaty. The differences in this strategy are minor, but the key to getting a really good time is knowing that the walls change every 21 seconds. When I play any of the games on the Walls constellation I have the clock on my computer displayed and when the walls change  I glance at the clock and add 21 seconds to the time displayed.

For Treaty the critical point to note the time is when the walls go up at 1:03 in the video. That is when you pin the opponents and prepare for starting the final attack just before the walls come down again.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:28, the initial captures. You want to have your triple planet promoted all the way and capture the top single planet on one side or the other. In this case I capture the planet on the orange side, but either one will work.
  2. From 0:29 to 0:42, send all of your units up to the top left corner of the screen. This mass of units is what you’ll use to move orange around to get it to attack green instead of attacking you.
  3. From 0:43 to 0:53, your goal here is to get orange to send most of its units to its right most double planet. When the units are there it is more likely that orange will use those units to attack green. The best way I’ve found to accomplish this is to first attack its left double planet, then when you start attacking its weakened right double it will send reinforcements to it. Keep attacking the right orange double until it sends almost all of its units to the planet.
  4. From 0:54 to 0:58, send your units down to the lower left, these units will be very useful later.
  5. From 0:59 to 1:02, when orange sends units from its lower left double up to its single planet you need to start attacking the lower left orange double . This is to get orange to send these units down to reinforce that planet and to prevent them from attacking your single planet.
  6. From 1:03 to 1:20,  note the time on a clock. When the walls come up allow the units you are attacking orange with to hit the wall and pin orange. When orange sends its units off of its single planet and green gets back to full strength, use the units on your single planet to pin green. Maintain both of those pins and wait until 18 seconds past the time noted at the start of this step.
  7. From 1:21 to 1:23, a couple of seconds before the walls come down, change your attack from the back orange double planet to the front orange double planet. When orange sends its units to reinforce the front orange double planet, redirect you mass of units to a point just above the back orange double planet.
  8. From 1:24 to 1:27, when the walls come down, send the mass of units attacking the green single planet up to your triple. The timing of sending these units is important. You want to let the units just reach the green double planet before redirecting them. If green is able to attack the front orange double planet too soon, orange will stop its attack on planets in the green enclave and instead will reinforce the planet that green is attacking.
  9. From 1:28 to 1:34, when green attacks orange, send the units from your triple to a point near the center green single planet. As those units are on their way, peel off some of the units and send them to a point near the top green single planet.

If you are as fortunate as I was here and orange continues its attack to both green double planets, then wait for the appropriate time for your attack. In this video orange sends units from both its single and double planets to its planet that green is attacking, that is when you want to use your mass to units to destroy the orange double and the units from your single planet to destroy the orange single planet.

When green sends its units from both of its single planets to the planet orange is attacking, use both of your masses of units to destroy the green single planets.

At this point you just need to destroy the remaining orange planet.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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