Supernovas (Hercules) Ramparts walk-through, completed in 1:50.5

This is a modification to the strategy used in a previous post on Ramparts. The main difference in the strategy is getting one of your opponents, orange in this case, to advance faster and be stronger than the other opponent.

When this works right, the stronger opponent holds the middle planet with quite a few excess units, then as the weaker opponent keeps attacking that center planet, you have the opportunity to use your units without being attacked.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:02, double your initial planet.
  2. From 0:03 to 0:16, capture the single planet just above your initial planet.
  3. From 0:17 to 0:20, force orange to promote one of their planets by attacking the single planets in front of the orange planets.
  4. From 0:21 to 0:37, capture and promote the top double planet.
  5. From 0:38 to 0:50, capture the single planets in the top enclave.
  6. From 0:51 to 1:02, send units from both your top and bottom planets out to the right so they can be used in a future attack against orange.
  7. From 1:03 to 1:09, position your mass of units below the orange double planets.
  8. From 1:10 to 1:12, just as orange moves units off of their bottom double planet, attack and destroy the planet.
  9. From 1:13 to 1:13, send the units from the top double and the top single planet on the orange side over towards green. You are preparing for an attack on green. Now that orange has removed their mass of units from their top planets, you can make this move without prompting an immediate attack from orange. You leave the planets on your green side single planet to discourage an attack from green.
  10. From 1:14 to 1:16, destroy the other orange double planet.
  11. From 1:16 to 1:23, when orange recaptures the center planet, move the units from your bottom planets over towards green. Move both of your mass of units in position for an attack on green.
  12. From 1:24 to 1:28, destroy the bottom green double planet. Before the green planet is destroyed, attack the top green double planet with the units on your top green side single planet.
  13. From 1:29 to 1:33, destroy the other green double planet.

From here you just need to destroy the remaining planets. This is faster if you can make your attacks just after your opponents launch attacks over the center planet.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2.  Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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