Force (Bootes) Escape walk-through, completed in 1:29.3

This is an improvement on the strategy used in a previous post on Escape. The main improvement is in timing. If you time releasing the pins correctly, it is possible to get your opponents to attack each other effectively enough that a really good time becomes possible.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:27, these are the initial captures.
  2. From 0:28 to 0:36, attack the orbiting single planet to prevent an opponent from attacking it. Then when it moves inside the ring you can capture it.
  3. From 0:37 to 1:00, alternately use your units to attack the single planets of your opponents. You are trying to get your opponents to send reinforcements to their single planets where your continuous attacks will pin those units.
  4. From 1:01 to 1:02, when the orbiting planet gets even with your opponents single planets, release the pin on one of your opponents by redirecting all of your attacking units against just one opponents single planet. In this video I redirect all of those units against green.
  5. From 1:03 to 1:03, when the orbiting planet is coming through the wall of force, redirect all of your units to the orbiting planet. This will release the pin on your other opponent, in this video that is green. What you are trying to do here is get your opponents mass of units to attack the other opponents right most double planet and you want them to do it without their mass of units running in to each other when they cross.
  6. From 1:04 to 1:12, keep sending all of your units to the moving planet, so they can escape through the wall of force.
  7. From 1:13 to 1:19, when your units escape the wall of force, wait for your opponents to attack each other. The one that attacks first is the one you are going to attack. The key here is attacking your opponent in such a way that they destroy the planet they are attacking, but they don’t capture the planet.

If this goes correctly and you can destroy your first opponent before they capture the planet they are attacking. And, if this prompts your second opponent to attack the planet the first opponent captured on their side, then all you’ll need to do is destroy both planets of your remaining opponent.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2.  Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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