Speed (Monoceros) Thicket walk-through, completed in 2:41.6

Thicket isn’t too difficult to beat. However, a really good time takes a good strategy and a lot of luck. The strategy here is designed to make one opponent stronger than the other. If they are the same strength it is really hard to get a good time. Once your opponents are imbalanced, you can start by attacking the stronger. Then, if you time everything right you’ll increase your odds of being lucky.



  1. From 0:00 to 0:16, double your initial planet and then capture the lower single planet on the orange side (this can work on the green side also).
  2. From 0:17 to 0:45, capture and completely promote the lower triple planet.
  3. From 0:46 to 1:05, capture and completely promote the upper triple planet.
  4. From 1:06 to 1:15, your two planets in the high speed area are sacrificial lambs so you just need to peel as many units off of them as possible until they are destroyed.
  5. From 1:16 to 1:43, now that you’ve made green the stronger one, you want to position some units behind green. You need to be able to initiate your attack on green before it gets so strong that it starts attacking you.
  6. From 1:44 to 1:57, destroy, capture and promote the back green double planets. Start positioning units from your triple planets towards the rear of the orange planets.
  7. From 1:58 to 2:09, destroy and capture the top right green single planet.
  8. From 2:10 to 2:24, now that orange is capturing the center, you need to start taking out the orange planets.

From here, you just need to destroy the remaining planets as quickly as possible. The opponent double planets in the slow area can be difficult. If you attack in such a way as to surround these planets, you can destroy them fairly easily.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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