White Holes (Virgo) Vise walk-through, completed in 1:14.2

For a long time I didn’t think it was possible to get a really good time on Vise. I was happy to get a fairly good time. Recently I came back to Vise and saw a sub two minute time. This caused me to rethink Vise completely. I figured that if a sub two minute time was possible, there must be a better strategy than what I had tried.

Usually I look for what an opponent most wants on their initial move and deny them that. That is what I did in my previous strategy. For this strategy I thought about what I wanted to force the opponent to do. So now, I force them to promote their initial planet which allows me to trigger the white hole and wipe out one opponent very quickly.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:10, send slightly more than half of your units towards the single planet just above green. Then, continually send your remaining units towards the single planet just in front of green. When green doubles their initial planet, redirect your units to the white hole.
  2. From 0:11 to 0:18, position your units so you can destroy green as soon as it promotes its planet to a triple.
  3. From 0:19 to 0:26, capture one of the center single planets.
  4. From 0:27 to 0:38, position your excess units out to a point where the white hole is directly between your units and the orange triple planet. Use faux attacks on the orange triple to encourage orange to send reinforcements and promote it to a triple. When your units are directly over the white hole, attack and trigger the white hole.
  5. From 0:39 to 0:48, you want to use your mass of units to destroy the orange triple planet as soon as it promotes to a triple. Orange doesn’t always cooperate and make this easy. After waiting for this to happen, I use a fake attack on the top center planet, thinking orange is considering capturing that planet. When that doesn’t work, I give up and send my mass of units to a point beyond the orange triple. Luckily, right before my units get there, orange promotes itself.
  6. From 0:49 to 0:56, destroy the orange single planet closest to you.
  7. From 0:57 to 1:14, position your units near the remaining orange planet and wait for orange to send units to the triple planet. As soon as that happens, attack and destroy the remaining orange planet.

I got such a good time in this video because both of my opponents cooperated. Sometimes green will send units to its white hole just after it promotes to a double. Or, green will try to capture another planet instead of promoting to a triple. Green didn’t do either of those things and this allowed me to come away from destroying green with the max units possible. At first orange didn’t seem like it was cooperating, but then it promoted its planet to a triple at just the right time. Also, by attacking the double planet just in front of my two planets, it discarded some units that made it easier to destroy its remaining planets.

Below are two additional videos from when I first started developing this strategy.


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Force (Bootes) Swap walk-through, completed in 2:28.5

It took a long time to develop this strategy for Swap. I’ve tried many, many different methods, but this method of stunting the progression of orange by denying it the planet it most wants to capture has turned out to be the best. For this to work correctly, you have to deny orange the double it wants to capture, and leave a double out there as bait to get orange to throw away some units.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:05, promote your planet to double and immediately start attacking the double just below the orange planet. When orange gives up and instead captures its top single planet you can start capturing the lower right single planet in your enclave. Leave the units attacking he orange double in the force field, this will maintain the attack on that double planet and discourage orange from capturing it.
  2. From 0:06 to 0:24, capture your lower right single planet, then send some more units attacking the orange double planet. Without this, orange will sometimes capture its double planet in spite of the attack you have on it.
  3. From 0:25 to 0:31, when orange attacks your double planet through the force field, send a few units there to prevent orange from capturing the planet. Then use all of your units to capture your lower left single planet.
  4. From 0:32 to 0:49, capture and promote your remaining double planet.
  5. From 0:50 to 0:56, send all of your units out beyond your top right double planet.
  6. From 0:57 to 0:58, as soon as purple moves units off of its lower left double planet, use your mass of units to attack that planet.
  7. From 0:59 to 1:00, as soon as purple sends reinforcements to that planet, redirect your attack to the top left green single planet. Without this attack green is likely to attack purple and prevent purple from attacking orange.
  8. From 1:01 to 1:02, as soon as green sends reinforcements, release your attack.
  9. From 1:03 to 1:09, attack, destroy, and capture the top right green double planet.
  10. From 1:10 to 1:20, attack, destroy, and capture the bottom right green double planet.
  11. From 1:21 to 1:29, attack, destroy, and capture the top left green single planet.
  12. From 1:30 to 1:39, attack and destroy the bottom left green single planet.
  13. From 1:40 to 1:41, since purple has just attacked orange and weakened its single planets go ahead and attack the top right purple single planet. As soon as purple sends reinforcements, release your attack.
  14. From 1:42 to 1:48, gather your units for an assault on purple. Wait until purple attacks orange before you launch your assault.

From here you just need to destroy the purple and then the orange planets in the fastest way possible.

There were several keys to the time got in this video, the biggest came at 1:09. Just as green captured one of the purple planets, purple destroyed and orange planet. This prompted green to attack that unoccupied orange planet. The result of this was that purple could recapture its planets and build up its strength enough to resume its attack on orange. This prevented orange from mounting even a single attack on me in this game.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.


Wormholes (Lepus) Quadrants walk-through, completed in 1:59.3

The strategy I’ve developed for Quadrants relies on developing an imbalance in your opponents, and then exploiting that imbalance.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:22, your goal here is to get both orange and purple to capture the single planet between them and green. To do this, first double your initial planet. Then, after a few seconds, peel off some units towards the top of the screen. Use those units to attack the single planet between you and orange. When orange moves to capture the planet adjacent to green, redirect you units to the single planet between you and purple. When purple moves to capture the planet next to green, go ahead and use all of your units to promote your planet to a triple.
  2. From 0:23 to 0:36, capture and promote your double planet.
  3. From 0:37 to 0:45, capture the unoccupied single planet between you and one of your opponents. In this video that is the single planet adjacent to purple.
  4. From 0:46 to 0:53, start collecting your units on your triple planet. I was planning to use those units to attack the purple single planet and get purple to send reinforcements there. In this video green attacked that purple planet and got the reaction I was after. Since green is attacking for you, start assembling your units near the purple triple planet.
  5. From 0:54 to 1:07, just as purple sends reinforcements to its single planet, you want to destroy, capture and promote the purple triple planet.
  6. From 1:08 to 1:25, orange is building up units on its single planets. You want to get orange to move those units off and prevent it from attacking your triple planet. To do this, gather some units and attack the orange triple planet. In this video it worked perfectly. As soon as orange sends reinforcements to its triple planet. Green attacks the weakened orange single. When you remove your attack on the orange triple, orange discovers that it has a bunch of units available to reinforce its single planet that is under attack. At the same time the units that orange sent through the wormhole attack and destroy the purple planet.
  7. From 1:26 to 1:30, you want to send as many units as possible through the purple wormhole.
  8. From 1:31 to 1:41, as soon as orange attacks green, use the units you’ve collected in the wormhole to take out the orange double and triple planets. At the same time use units from your original double and triple planets to attack the orange single planet.

From here you just have a few planets left to destroy.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.


Shockwaves (Taurus) Invasion, completed in 1:14.5

With the correct approach, Invasion is not very difficult. However, getting a really good time takes good timing and cooperation from your opponents.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:16, you need to capture and attempt to promote the double planet next to one of your opponents. I usually go to the orange side, but either side works.
  2. From 0:17 to 0:41, when the shock wave reaches the double you are trying to promote, you need to pivot to getting your top double planet promoted.
  3. From 0:42 to 0:47, now its time to position your units for attacking the opponent you are not right next to. You want the units ready so when the opponent makes a move to capture a planet, you can move in and destroy them.
  4. From 0:47 to 0:53, when green makes its move, attack and destroy it.
  5. From 0:53 to 1:01, after destroying the other opponent, you need to start massing your units in preparation for the remaining opponent
  6. From 1:02 to 1:06, when orange makes its move to promote its double, attack and destroy it.
  7. From 1:07 to 1:14, after destroying the first orange double planet, pull back your units to allow the other planet to try and capture the just destroyed planet. This doesn’t always work, but when it does the remaining orange planet is easier to destroy.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.


Minefields (Andromeda) Toll walk-through, completed in 57.6 seconds

In my previous post on Toll I introduced a new strategy where you encourage the opponent to attack the moving planet. This led to finally getting a time under two minutes. I continued working on this new strategy and have modified it to where it is now possible to get under one minute.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:05, attack both of the double planets adjacent to orange. What you’re are trying to do is get orange to send its units to the moving planet.
  2. From 0:06 to 0:09, as soon as orange attacks the moving planet, pull your units back away from the minefield and wait for the moving planet to come into your enclave. When it does, capture the planet. The orange attack will be degraded by the minefield and will not have enough units left to destroy your newly captured planet.
  3. From 0:10 to 0:21, continually send units to the moving planet. You want it to have as many units as possible when it gets into the orange enclave.
  4. From 0:22 to 0:25, send units from the moving planet to a point near the top planet in the orange enclave.
  5. From 0:26 to 0:29, as soon as orange attacks the top planet, use your units to prevent the capture. The more you degrade the planet that orange is attempting the capture, the better.
  6. From 0:30 to 0:39, when the moving planet comes back into your enclave, start sending units from your original planet to it. What I usually do is when the moving planet is just exiting my enclave is to start sending units from my original planet to attack the partially captured orange planet. This is to encourage orange to send its units to the other planet in its enclave. In this video, orange did that without any prompting by me.
  7. From 0:40 to 0:48, don’t let your units go back through the minefield. send them off to the side in the orange enclave as you wait for orange to attempt to capture the other planet.
  8. From 0:49 to 0:57, when it seems that orange is just about to capture the other planet, attack orange with units from both of your planets.

If you are fortunate like I was here, you’ll have enough units to destroy the orange planet. If not, continue attacking and you should be able to destroy the orange planet when the moving planet comes back into the orange enclave.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.