Fog (Cygnus) Horizon walk-through, completed in 2:39.2

The strategy for Horizon is to get your gas giant promoted as efficiently as possible. This burns off enough fog that you can mount an attack on the green gas giant. To keep orange in check while you are preparing to take out green, you need for green to be strong in the center. You can use attacks on green planets to get it to send reinforcements towards the center and be your shield in the coming assault by orange.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:15, promote your gas giant all the way to triple. You don’t want to promote all the way to gas giant right away because the last two levels take more than 100 units to get promoted. It’s better to capture the single planets prior to promoting the gas giant all the way.
  2. From 0:16 to 0:36, capture the first two single planets. You don’t want to capture the third single. Your opponents will destroy it in short order, so just let them have that single.
  3. From 0:37 to 0:51, promote the gas giant one more time.  This will allow you to see what is going on with green and the center planet. In this video green has already captured the center planet. This is a rare occurrence. Usually I use attacks on green planets to get green to send reinforcements down to the planet which will then capture the center planet when I remove the attack. If orange gets the center planet, I start over.
  4. From 0:52 to 0:58, promote the gas giant the rest of the way.
  5. From 0:59 to 1:16, send units from all of your planets into the vicinity of the green gas giant. Use attacks on green planets to get green to move units down towards the center planet. This is beneficial in two ways, green being stronger in the center will slow down orange when it gets to full strength and it will  also delay the green gas giant from getting promoted all the way which will make it easier for you to destroy.
  6. From 1:17 to 1:22, attack, destroy and capture the green single planet just in front of the green gas giant.
  7. From 1:23 to 1:46, now you want to destroy, capture and promote the gas giant. You want this gas giant promoted one level below gas giant. This allows you to see more of orange, but that last level to gas giant takes so much time that it will really allow orange to strengthen.
  8. From 1:47 to 2:08, you want to destroy and capture the green single planet closest to you. In this video I forgot that step for just a few seconds and then had to bring my units back to get that planet.
  9. From 2:09 to 2:12, now you want to attack, destroy and capture the middle orange single planet.
  10. From 2:13 to 2:22, time to get that last orange single which will open up the orange gas giant for an attack.
  11. From 2:23 to 2:31, start attacking the orange gas giant. When you believe you are about to destroy the gas giant, start using units from your two gas giants to attack other planets.

From here, you just need to destroy any remaining planets as quickly as possible.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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