Orbits (Lupus) Reel walk-through, completed in 126.6

Reel was one of, if not the most, aggravating levels in Auralux. I could not find a repeatable strategy that would give a good time. Well, then I watched a video by Rabid Addict.

In most levels of Auralux the strategy will be how to get your opponents to attack each other. That isn’t a good approach in Reel. The strategy developed by Rabid Addict uses a different approach to get rid of units of your opponents. That is to get them to voluntarily throw away units on partially capturing other planets. Of course, those partially captured planets are only wasted to the opponent if you can keep them from completing the capture at a later time.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:11, double your initial planet and start sending units out into the vicinity of the orbiting double planet that green is likely to attack. When the green units are close to capturing the planet, you just need to interfere enough to keep that from happening.
  2. From 0:12 to 0:22, capture the top left single planet. I’ve tried this strategy using only the center double planet, but you don’t have enough units to take out both opponents.
  3. From 0:23 to 0:24, usually orange will have done something by now, but when it waits like this you want to get it to wait just a little longer so that it can throw away some of its units in trying to capture an orbiting planet. that is why you need to attack the single planet just between the two orange planets. This may get orange to give up on it long enough to get its sights on the double planet.
  4. From 0:25 to 0:29, the partially captured green planet is just coming to the point where green will try to complete the capture. You need to attack to prevent that from happening. Continually send your units to the partially captured green planet until green gives up and sends its excess units to another planet. If either opponent doesn’t react similarly to how they did in this video, I start over.
  5. From 0:30 to 0:41, as soon as green attacks another planet, you need to redirect all of your units to take out the green planet.
  6. From 0:42 to 0:50, now it is just you and orange. Even though you are both at the same strength, orange has more excess units than you do. What you need is a way to get orange to use up those excess units. To do this, move a mass of units up and away from the action, then start attacking the unoccupied single planet using units from your two planets. Then use your mass of units to attack the orbiting double planet. This should trigger orange to give up on these planets and absorb the excess units into its double planets in an attempt to promote them.
  7. From 0:51 to 1:08, now you need to destroy those double planets. In this video I destroyed the orbiting planet first. Even though that worked out, it may have been a mistake. The center orange double has a single planet that can support it by sending reinforcements. In this video that doesn’t happen and I’m able to destroy it also.

I was fortunate here that orange sends reinforcements just a little late. If they were sent earlier I would have never destroyed the orange double. Since it did send them, it made the remaining orange planet a little weaker and easier to destroy.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

One thought on “Reel”

  1. I am so glad you explained this unusual and fortunately useful strategy. I was convinced I would never beat Reel. I had given up on it long ago. I now have a time (1:48) far below the Nova time and am happy to never need to attempt this super frustrating level ever again.

    Much thanks to you and Rabid Addict!!!

    Sigmafia1 (Android)


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