Wormholes (Lepus) Cirque walk-through, completed in 1:51.0

Cirque can be aggravating. Both of your opponents will send units into the wormhole and just leave them there. Then, every once in a while they finally come out and attack each other. When they do, you can get a very good time.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:31, the initial captures. The first key to the time I got in this video happens at 0:24 when orange promotes their lower double. This moved units away from my position and closer to green.
  2. From 0:32 to 0:45, now you need to promote the triple planet. Note that I’m leaving units on the planet next to green, because I know it will attack soon. Initially I was going to capture the top singleton on the orange side but changed my mind when I realized that orange had moved its units away from me earlier.
  3. From 0:46 to 0:57, gather your units for an attack on orange. The second key to the time I got in this video occurred at 0:57 when both orange and green used their units in the wormholes to attack their opponent. It seems that most of the time they will leave their units in the wormholes forever.
  4. From 0:58 to 1:04, since the green double planet needed to reinforce the green singleton because of the orange attack, I take advantage and promote my double planet.
  5. From 1:05 to 1:24, now it’s time to take out the orange power base of the two doubles and clean up the singleton above them. Notice at 1:19, green sends units into the wormhole. I’m hoping I can use that to my advantage later on.
  6. From 1:25 to 1:37, attack the remaining orange singleton. As I attack, I’m watching the green units in the wormhole waiting for them to attack a weakened orange. As soon as they do, I get my units out of there.

You just need to destroy the remaining green planets. At 1:42 I notice that green has sent some more units into the wormhole. Worried that they will be enough to capture the singleton next to the wormhole, I send units there to prevent the capture.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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