Minefields (Andromeda) Toll walk-through, completed in 2:03.7

I use two different approaches in Toll depending on how orange captures its planets. My best time ever on Toll happened before I started recording all of my games so I don’t remember which variation I used. If you look at the graphs after the games are complete, you can see that in variation #1, orange has more units than I do, but in variation #2, orange is always weaker. For this reason, I think it is most likely variation #2 that will lead to the best time. Until I figure that out for sure, I keep playing both variations.

Variation 1

This is the most common variation and is where orange promotes its planets as fast as it can and waits to capture the moving singleton. Because of this, orange builds up quite a few units.


Variation 1 walk-through

  1. From 0:00 to 0:28, the initial captures. Occasionally at about 0:25 to 0:28, orange will attack the moving singleton. It doesn’t do that here, which makes this variation #1
  2. From 0:29 to 0:43, promoting all of my planets.
  3. From 0:44 to 1:12, just bide your time and wait for the moving singleton to go back to the orange side and collect a lot of units. Then, just as it is about to enter the minefield use an attack on one of the orange planets to get them to send the units from the the singleton to reinforce the planet you attacked.
  4. From 1:13 to 1:28, as soon as orange removes its units from the singleton, release your attack. At this point I divide my units between the top and bottom planet in an attempt to bait orange in attacking my center planet. If orange would do that it would really degrade the minefield in the path I’ll be taking soon.
  5. From 1:29 to 1:45, defend yourself from the orange attack, then capture the moving singleton and continuously send new units to the singleton.
  6. From 1:46 to 2:04, the final attack. While attacking the orange planets, you also have to be aware if orange has captured the moving singleton.


Variation 2

Sometimes orange will try to capture the moving singleton too early. This prevents orange from capturing and promoting its planets in a timely manner. Because of this, orange doesn’t have nearly as many units available to it as it does in variation #1. This is good, in that there are fewer units to attack me, but not so good in that there are also fewer units available to degrade the minefield.



Variation 2 walk-through

  1. From 0:00 to 0:28, my initial captures. Then at 0:28, orange makes its move to capture the moving singleton.
  2. From 0:29 to 0:42, finish my captures. Notice that orange finally completes its capture of the singleton, but is way behind where it would have been if it hadn’t attacked the moving planet.
  3. From 0:43 to 1:36, just building up my units, waiting for the orange attack.
  4. From 1:37 to 1:44, orange attacks, but without very many units. You need to capture the singleton and put as many units on it as possible.
  5. From 1:45 to 1:55, after making it through the minefield I attack the lower orange double because it looks like it has fewer units on it.

From here all that is left is destroying the remaining orange planets, including the moving singleton.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

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