Gamma Rays (Perseus), Crux walk-through, completed in 2:00.4

There are two key components that form the basis of my approach on Crux. The first is there needed to be a way to get them to both make there first capture be on the back row so they are capturing a planet that will be destroyed by the gamma ray burst. The other component is that you destroy the orange and green triple planets just after they are promoted to triple status. Since it takes 300 units to build a triple planet and only 100 units to destroy it, you come out way ahead. The way you can get the best score is if green and orange promote their planets at the right time to enable you to destroy them in succession.


  1. From the 0:00 to 0:10, First, you use slightly more than half of your units to attack the singleton next to orange, then send the remaining units against the singleton next to green, while continually sending new units against green also. In this video it is green that first gives up and captures a planet on the back row, other times it will be orange. When green does that, redirect all units to capture the singleton next to orange and force it to capitulate and go to the back row.
  2. From 0:10 to 0:46, capture the three singletons on the orange side and build up units for the attack on the orange triple planet.
  3. From 1:00 to 1:21, build up units waiting for the gamma ray burst to pass, then let green move its units off of the triple planet and attack orange. At this point you need to destroy the green triple planet.
  4. From here on out, it’s just destroy the planets in the sequence that will hopefully prevent them from capturing another planet.

UPDATE: I’ve added another post on Crux where it only takes 1:34.5 to win.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2.  Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.

16 thoughts on “Crux”

  1. I can see from your video how to beat it in 2.00min. I do not possibly see how you got 1.34. How did you get that? I have been able to get 2.10 and I cannot see a way to do it better than in your Crux video time. Do you remember what was different when you got the record time? Maybe you used a different method when you got that time but I have no idea what that could be.


    1. It was luck, but it is luck that can be reproduced. It seems to me that when you get within some number of seconds of the gamma ray burst the opponents will not send units to or from a planet that will get hit by the burst. Eighteen seconds into this video, green sends units to a planet, but then it doesn’t send enough to capture the planet.

      I think it sent the units just before this window, then after the window it wasn’t allowed to complete the capture. This stunted greens growth and made it take longer before it promoted its triple planet. This allowed me more time to build up my strength.

      The second place where I was fortunate was at 51 seconds. I’ve destroyed the green triple and I’m trying to degrade the remaining green planet enough that it will not survive the gamma ray burst. As you can see at 1:06, I came very close to allowing it to reconstitute itself.


    2. I’ve played with Crux a little and I now think there was one other factor in getting this time. Orange waited to promote its triple planet till I was just moving my units into place to destroy it.

      I see that record you just set on Vise. 2:06, that is hard to believe. Sure wish you had some video you could share on that.


      1. Howdy buckeye,

        I was just trying to catch up to your record on Whorl when I saw your comment notification. That 2.06 record on Crux was a complete gift. I do not think I could get that time again very easily. I did two things differently than all my previous attempts. First I did not take over the tripple sun after killing yellows troops that held it, which I have tried before without success. What really made the difference was once I had taken yellows final sun (the Singleton), instead of sending my entire force to take it over, I only took it with only the closet sun’s troops. At the same time, my remaining troops captured the open center sun to give me the lead over red. Once I was in the lead I sent everything I had to take reds double sun closest to the center which red had just spent it’s troops occupying. That worked out very lucky because I usually spent 10+ seconds beating down all the troops red stockpiles with it’s tripple in the back. By splitting up my troops I got a jump on red before he could amass the usual army that previously has wasted tons of time in previous games. Trust me, I greatly wish I had the video as well. Crux is my first 1st place world record. I have several 2nd places (behind you) but I’m hoping that I can keep that time for a while since everything went so much my way that round.

        Talk to you later,

        P.S. Reel is my last Nova time to beat. If you ever decide to make a video/strategy blog on it I’d love to check it out. The available guides to Reel on YouTube and Reddit reply heavily on the bots making senseless and rare moves. I’ve not seen a consistent way to Nova that level. If anyone could figure it out it’s you.


  2. I figured it was Vise. I got discouraged with Reel a long time ago and I haven’t revisited it yet. There were others that I got discouraged with that I eventually figured out. Right now I’ve got a bunch of others that I’m working on.

    Unbelievable time on Vise, I think you’ll have that record for a long time!!


  3. God I hope that record can stand for a while anyway. It’s one of yge only two that I hold. The second I just got today while working on Terminus, the record that you’ve held for a long time now. I only got you by a single second so I imagine you will have to back shortly. That Vice time is one that I hope to hang on to. It’s funny because when I first started really playing this a lot my gf and I were certain you were a mod/hacker and couldn’t have legitimately held so many records. That’s when I came across “March To Ruin” and had to admit that you were just that good. We are possibly your biggest Auralux fans now. Haha. I will do what i can to keep you on your toes though.


  4. Ive been attempting Crux again for quite a while today and I have everything perfect except for one single specific issue. After knocking out the 2nd opponents tripple, the hope is that they will send the units from the middle Singleton, that’s in the path of the gamma ray, up to attack the closer of the only two remaining opponents Singleton. Meanwhile I would finish off the allies of the tripple that I just destroyed before killing off the other opponents couple last sun’s. I hope this description is understandable. To be more specific, I can execute everything up until about 1.15 sec and every time after killing the second tripple, instead of attacking the other computer opponent, they rebuild the tripple sun I just killed. Do you have any advice on accomplishing this? It happens in the intended way in your above video, but although I have gotten to this point numerous times, I can’t seem to recreate this minor but important part of the overall execution. I also don’t see any indication that you encouraged them to move in the way they did. Is it just something I need to keep trying until the computer decides to make the move I want, or is there something you did that I’m not seeing?

    Thanks for listening,


    1. I am so glad you posted this. I screwed up on this Crux post. I had that this was the one where I got 1:34, but it was the one where I had a time of 2:00. I’ve updated the post to reflect that. On this one, when I attack the second triple, I’m sending my units to a point past the triple, then when green attacks orange, I redirect those units to the triple. If you attack the triple directly before that, then green will send in reinforcements.

      I’m going to do a new Crux post that has my video of the 1:34.5. It is where I discovered something that made this time possible.


      1. I have been curious about how you got 1:34 and assumed there was no video. I can’t wait to see it. I will download that capture app and see how I do under pressure. Hopefully I will be able to recreate my few previous successes.

        Thanks for offering to host my work. Thats mighty Noble of you. Maybe, if you wish, March to Ruin will one day be the place that all the serious players hope to one day be invited to share thier individual experience. If I may ask, where did you come up with that name? I believe it is also the name of a metal song. Was that your inspiration?


  5. I wanted a name that used the names of levels in Auralux. Under Shockwaves is ‘March’, and under Gamma Rays is ‘Ruin’. Those are the first two posts on the site for that reason. I had been working on those two and a few others around the time that I decided to do a blog and I just liked the way it sounded.


    1. Duh. I really should have put that together. I like the name as well. I made my first video although it has much to be desired. I was trying to get used to the video player but after accidentally hitting end a time or two and forgetting to record on another attempt I just posted the method that I actually completed. It doesn’t have the record time because the computer didn’t respond in it’s normal way but it does show the correct moves to make. Best time is 1:51. Video time is 2:15. Once my frustration wears off I will make it right and repload.


  6. Ok I got the recording part figured out so that it doesn’t interfere with my game play, and after a short break went back to making the Shelter video. The initial frustration paid off because I made a small change to my method and came up with a much better time. 1.34 is the new record to beat. I have a link to the video I hosted on YouTube if you would still like to use it for I consider it an honor to be part of the site.


    Let me know when you have it up and also if you would like me to type up the step by step approach used, like on all your other videos.

    Talk to you later,


    1. Brilliant. I wish I had thought of that.

      I hadn’t thought about other people posting to MtR (I like that), I’m going to do some research and figure out how I want to handle it.

      I want to post this, but what I would like to do is come up with a way to get the raw video from you so I can process it. I would trim it down to just the game time and add the ‘’ watermark on it and also add metadata that identifies you as the author. I’m going to look in to setting up a google drive where you can upload it, does that sound OK?

      Tomorrow morning there will be a new Crux post for the 1:34 record I got on it.


  7. I’m really looking forward to seeing that 1.34 Crux video. As far as getting my Raw footage I have an immediate solution. I own a very small legal video production company and we have a dedicated server with lots of storage where I host and archive clients video depositions. It would be easy for me to upload the shelter and whatever other vids to my server then simply send you a link to it. You would just right click and “save as” onto your desktop. I’d love to see one of my games with the MtR stamp. Including my screen name sounds quite cool as well. If this all sounds good I will upload and link you in the morning. Just say the word.

    Thanks for your encouragement,


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