Supernovas (Hercules) Ramparts walk-through, completed in 1:50.5

This is a modification to the strategy used in a previous post on Ramparts. The main difference in the strategy is getting one of your opponents, orange in this case, to advance faster and be stronger than the other opponent.

When this works right, the stronger opponent holds the middle planet with quite a few excess units, then as the weaker opponent keeps attacking that center planet, you have the opportunity to use your units without being attacked.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:02, double your initial planet.
  2. From 0:03 to 0:16, capture the single planet just above your initial planet.
  3. From 0:17 to 0:20, force orange to promote one of their planets by attacking the single planets in front of the orange planets.
  4. From 0:21 to 0:37, capture and promote the top double planet.
  5. From 0:38 to 0:50, capture the single planets in the top enclave.
  6. From 0:51 to 1:02, send units from both your top and bottom planets out to the right so they can be used in a future attack against orange.
  7. From 1:03 to 1:09, position your mass of units below the orange double planets.
  8. From 1:10 to 1:12, just as orange moves units off of their bottom double planet, attack and destroy the planet.
  9. From 1:13 to 1:13, send the units from the top double and the top single planet on the orange side over towards green. You are preparing for an attack on green. Now that orange has removed their mass of units from their top planets, you can make this move without prompting an immediate attack from orange. You leave the planets on your green side single planet to discourage an attack from green.
  10. From 1:14 to 1:16, destroy the other orange double planet.
  11. From 1:16 to 1:23, when orange recaptures the center planet, move the units from your bottom planets over towards green. Move both of your mass of units in position for an attack on green.
  12. From 1:24 to 1:28, destroy the bottom green double planet. Before the green planet is destroyed, attack the top green double planet with the units on your top green side single planet.
  13. From 1:29 to 1:33, destroy the other green double planet.

From here you just need to destroy the remaining planets. This is faster if you can make your attacks just after your opponents launch attacks over the center planet.

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Minefields (Andromeda) Levies walk-through, completed in 1:41.6

This is a modification of strategy used on a previous post on Levies. The modification gets more of your unit production at the center where it is closer to the battle.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:10, capture the planet in front of green. As your units are on the way, send a few units towards the top single planet. Your goal is to get green to capture the single planet below their initial planet. If green does anything different that what they do in this video, start over.
  2. From 0:11 to 0:32, capture and promote the center planet. If green does anything other than promote its initial planet, start over.
  3. From 0:33 to 0:39, you have two goals here. Collect your units on the single planet adjacent to the green double planet and force green to try capturing the topmost planet within its minefield.
  4. From 0:40 to 0:46, when green starts sending units to the topmost planet in its minefield enclave, destroy the green double planet.
  5. From 0:47 to 0:53, capture the single planet in front of orange. If orange has captured any planet other than its two minefield planets, start over.
  6. From 0:54 to 1:06, use faux attacks on the leftmost single planet to prevent orange from trying to capture it. Then, when green tries capturing another planet, destroy the remaining green planet.
  7. From 1:07 to 1:14, destroy the orange planet outside its minefield enclave.

How you proceed from here depends on what orange does. As a rule, I try to wait for orange to send units to try to capture or promote another planet and then destroy the orange planet the units have been sent from.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.


Orbits (Lupus) Pivot, completed in 12.2 seconds

This is a different strategy than the one used in a previous post on Pivot. As in the previous post you are trying to force your opponent to double their initial planet instead of spreading out to additional planets. Unlike the previous post you are not going to wait for your opponent to attack another planet. Instead, you are going to get your units in position so you can destroy them just after they double.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:01, select your planet, but do not send your units anywhere. Waiting this short length of time allows you to build up a few extra units.
  2. From 0:02 to 0:03, send and keep sending your units towards the single planet that is just approaching your opponents position.
  3. From 0:04 to 0:04, send a few units towards the center double planet.
  4. From 0:05 to 0:07, get ready to redirect your units. Then, when your units are just about to get to the single planet, redirect them to a point out in front of your opponents planet. If your opponent doesn’t double their planet, start over.
  5. From 0:08 to 0:10, keep positioning your units out in front of you opponent.

When your opponent almost reaches your mass of units, attack and destroy your opponent.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2.  Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.


Minefields (Andromeda) Tariff walk-through, completed in 3:20.0

This is the same strategy as used in a previous post on Tariff. The key to this strategy is to get two attack forces that you can use to alternately attack your opponents single planets. If you are successful in these attacks your opponents will keep sending reinforcements to their single planets. With their units on the single planets your opponents will keep attacking and defending the center single planet, which will prevent them from attacking you.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:14, promote your initial planet all the way to triple.
  2. From 0:15 to 0:47, capture and promote the top planet to a double planet.
  3. From 0:48 to 1:11, capture both of the single planets.
  4. From 1:12 to 1:19, send units towards the top right of the screen.
  5. From 1:20 to 2:18, while you peel off a second attack force on the top left of the screen, use your existing attack force on the opponents single planet to get them to send reinforcements. This prevents those opponents units from attacking you. When you have both of your attack forces in place, use alternating attacks on the opponents single planets to keep them using their units to attack the center single planet.
  6. From 2:19 to 2:25, start preparing for your attack by bringing units from your double planet down where they will be more useful.
  7. From 2:26 to 2:36, I consider quitting when orange attacks my single planet. Fortunately, I decide to start my attack instead.
  8. From 2:37 to 2:44, you want to start out taking out the bottom double planet of the opponent you attack first. If your attack force had enough units in it, you’ll be able to use the units that survive that attack to take out the double planet within the minefield.

This is really just an all out attack. You have to try to implement the attack in a way that keeps the opponents attacking the center planet as long as possible. The more units they use on each other, the fewer they have left to defend your attacks.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2.  Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.


Minefields (Andromeda) tide, completed in 1:58.4

The key to a good time on Tide is for your opponents to not use their moving planet to attack your double planets. The strategy here minimizes the chance of that happening, but you still need some luck for to get a good time.


  1. From 0:00 to 0:15, promote your initial planet all the way to triple.
  2. From 0:16 to 0:34, capture and promote one of your double planets.
  3. From 0:35 to 0:46, capture and promote the other double planet.
  4. From 0:47 to 0:54, send your units as far to the left as possible. You are preparing for making faux attacks on your opponents to get them to move their units.
  5. From 0:55 to 0:56, what you want to happen here is to get orange to send the units from its moving planet to one of its other planets. Here I use an attack on orange’s stationary single planet to get that done.
  6. From 0:57 to 1:04, while leaving units on your double planets, send your units back to the left. Then, when green sends units off of its bottom double planet, attack. What you are trying to do here is to get green to send units from its moving planet to reinforce its planet you are attacking.
  7. From 1:05 to 1:15, keep using attacks to make greens stationary single planet weak until orange finally attacks.
  8. From 1:16 to 1:23, reinforce you double planets while you are waiting for green to settle down. Then, use your mass of units to attack the top orange double planet. You are trying to weaken the orange stationary single planet so green will attack.
  9. From 1:24 to 1:42, while I’m waiting for green to attack, orange sends a large mass of units to its moving planet. In desperation to get the units off of the orange moving planet I attack the far right orange double. This gets the units off of the moving planet. Even though I didn’t plan it, this also keeps these units from reinforcing the orange stationary single. This allows green to destroy and capture this single planet. While this is going on, you need to start sending your units down the alleys to a location near your opponents.
  10. From 1:43 to 1:45, the earlier you destroy your opponents moving planets the better. The problem with this is that your opponents are very likely to send reinforcements when you do. In this video I get lucky that orange attacks green instead of trying to recapture its moving planet I just destroyed.

From here you you just have to destroy your opponents planets in the best way possible. I attack their double planets first. The planet that is most likely to keep you from a good time is the moving planet. It is moving away from you and is more difficult to destroy.

If you leave a comment, please use the same name you use on Auralux 2. Also, indicate if you play on Android or iOS.